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Addresses for Monasteries and Retreat Centers
Addresses for Monasteries and Retreat Centers

Here you can find some links to different monasteries and retreat centers.  These are places where you can go for times of solitude. They offer from one day to several week getaways. There you can withdraw and practice your solitude time with God. There you will meet God.  There you will be able to face yourself and deal with the issues in your life. When you click on their pages you will find out more about their place and what they offer.  If these links don't offer enough please search the Internet and you might find more information.
If you know about a link to different addresses please share it with us. Thank you!

I am not Catholic myself but I would like to encourage you non-Catholics to not shy away from Catholic monasteries. Most monastaries are Catholic but there might be some Protestant ones out there too. As far as I know they don't request for you to be Catholic. They just offer you a place to meet with God.
You will be in for a treat! Go for it and you will experience abundant blessings from heaven.

The following link is to several monasteries.

The following link offers addresses to Benedict Retreat Centers in USA, Canada, and England

The following link offers addresses to Jesuit Retreat Houses in many different countries

The following link offers a guide to different monasteries

The following link offers different monasteries in Germany

The following link offers a site about Thomas Merton and a book that has many different monasteries and retreat addresses in it

The following link is to an incredible place. It is called L'Abri and was founded by Dr. Francis Schaeffer. It is located in the Swiss Alps.  I myself spent different times there. A few sister communities are also located in different countries in Europe and America.  They are great places to fellowship with people from all over the world. It is an incredible experience.